Chris Couse


Here's my thought on photography......
As you wander through life,your brain captures images that are forever etched on the film of your mind. Those are images we all personally have stored away forever. Photography let's you share those images with the entire world. The following is a perfect example. No matter what words I use,I could never bring you back to the place & time of the image in my head. Photography will do just that. Some years ago,while on vacation at Bob's Lake,Ontario the following happened. This image is forever etched on the film of my mind. It's 5:30ish in the morning. I'm in a small 12' fishing boat. I move quietly to a favorite fishing spot. As I move into place,the rising sun begins to burn off the haze that hangs over the water. The water is still undisturbed,as if a mirror. I ready my line for the morning's first cast. Using the old faithful silver Rapala surface minnow,I cast parallel to the shoreline,which lies just 8 feet to my right. The lure touches down on the surface,sending ripples through the undisturbed water. As I hesitate to make my 1st retrieve,six feet behind where my lure has touched down,a loon breaks the surface of the water,head tilted back completely,with the tail fin of a fish he has just landed sticking out of his mouth. With his head still back,he proceeds to finish his meal. One glance towards me,back under he goes. I've been beaten to the spot ! I will forever remember that moment. No matter how I try to convey the scene to you,it can never be seen in your mind as it was. A photograph would do just that.

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Painted path - Sombrero Beach - Marathon,Fl.